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I started The Country to help change the discourse in our society. For too long, entrenched interests in DC (BigGov), NY (Wall St), BigTech (Silicon Valley) and BigMedia (corporate, mostly legacy media) have promoted wedge issues for clicks and eyeballs while ignoring the deep, underlying problems facing America. Our debt is punishing, our government doesn’t work for the people, our education system doesn’t educate our kids, our un-nuanced foreign policy only accomplishes the dropping of bombs, and bad actors in our leadership are never held to account for their maladministration.

At The Country, we intend give those leaders hell, shed light on their corruption, and help guide the conversation back to the important issues facing every day Americans. We do not want to perpetuate the growing us vs. them mentality - that only serves to maintain these leaders’ power and the status quo.

So if you think these are worthwhile goals, I ask you to consider becoming a paid subscriber to the site. Your subscription will help us to keep up this fight - we are completely subscriber-funded - and hopefully grow our coverage in the future.

Paid subscribers get access to everything - 3-5 columns per week, 2-3 podcasts/shows and access to the complete archive. Our free subscribers only have access to the last 2 weeks of columns and the audio pod.

Thanks for considering helping our small venture. While here, please also check out our recommend Substacks - those are the giants whose shoulders we stand on. ;)

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I started the Country to find truth.


I like to write and try to tell the truth. Both can be challenging at times.